• July 5th, 2020

Angolan fined N$50 000 for possessing game products

RUNDU - Henrique Valentino, 38, an Angolan who was arrested on October 4, was on Tuesday found guilty of the illegal possession of controlled wildlife products

The wildlife products were found in his possession on October 4 this year at Divundu police checkpoint, where he unlawfully and wrongfully had with him 20 pieces of elephant skins and 16 pangolin scales without a permit authorising possession of such game products. He was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment, or to alternatively pay a fine of N$ 50 000.

 Valentino, who New Era understands is a soldier in Angola, pleaded guilty on November 27, and was subsequently found guilty by the court on the same day.

Valentino appeared in the Rundu Magistrate Court before Magistrate Sonia Samupofu, while Steven Haradoeb prosecuted.

John Muyamba
2018-12-03 09:28:30 | 1 years ago

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