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Angolan man allegedly robbed by cops 

2023-04-03  Festus Hamalwa

Angolan man allegedly robbed by cops 

ONGWEDIVA-An Angolan man sustained serious injuries after he was allegedly assaulted and shot with rubber bullets by police officers near

Apart from injuries, the 39-year-old man allegedly also lost his money in the wallet, which was confiscated by the police a few moments after crossing the border into Namibia. 

Despite his serious injuries, Lucas Teteipo never opened a case against his tormentors as he was allegedly threatened not to do.

Zachariah Amakali, head of the crime investigations unit in Ohangwena, confirmed that the case was never reported.

He said his office will launch an investigation against the police officers at Oshikango and Okakwa police stations.

“I have already sent investigative officers to the house where Teteipo is currently residing [in Namibia] to get more information on the matter,” he added.

Recalling how he sustained the injuries to his head, Teteipo said he was caught by the Namibian Police while crossing into Namibia through an illegal crossing point. 

He was on his way to Omunyekadi village to visit his Namibian relatives.

Teteipo said among his belongings was his wallet that had cash of N$2 030. He also carried some illicit Angolan whiskey and cigarettes.  

“Five police officers, including a female officer, approached and questioned me about where I was going. They instructed me to get into their vehicle and then drove into the bush,” he narrated.

While in the bush, a police officer allegedly grabbed Teteipo’s wallet and bag.

They then started to assault him with hands and later shot him with rubber bullets.

“They wanted to leave me there after the assault, fortunately, a villager confronted them and asked them why they are leaving me in the bush when they had seriously injured me,” he added.

“They put me at the back of their pick-up vehicle and took me to Engela hospital where I was subsequently transferred to Oshakati Intermediate hospital,” he said.

“While on the way to Engela, they warned me not to report the matter as I will be arrested for entering Namibia without a permit and at the same time I was caught with illegal items. I decided to keep quiet,” he revealed.

Teteipo narrated that after he was discharged from the hospital, he went to Oshikango police station asking for his belongings. He alleges that the station commander there told him to approach the Okakwa police station where his possessions were taken.

“I went to Okakwa where I was given back my wallet. When I opened it, there was only N$20, the whole N$2 010 was gone,” he said. 

Caption: Swollen face...Lucas Teteipo is nursing head injuries after the police allegedly assaulted him.

Photo: Contributed

2023-04-03  Festus Hamalwa

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