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AR, government to settle rent control issue out of court

2018-10-22  Selma Ikela

AR, government to settle rent control issue out of court
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WINDHOEK- The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement on Friday said that their lawyers have been approached by government to seek an out of court settlement in the rent control case filed by the AR challenging government to implement rent control. 

AR filed an application two weeks ago dragging the minister of industrialisation and trade and the government to court over failure to implement the regulation of the Rent Ordinance 13 of 1977, as amended.

A statement issued by AR last week said the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Tjekero Tweya, and

the government undertook and agreed not to oppose the application and relief sought therein. The lawyer representing the AR in the matter, Francois Bangamwabo of FB Law Chambers confirmed to New Era that the government does not want to oppose their application and they are willing to establish a rent control board as well appointment members of the board. He stated that this is a draft and not a final settlement offer and they are waiting for the signatures of all parties.

Bangamwabo added that there is a law in place which has to be implemented and that law is binding. He said it has not been repealed or declared unconstitutional by a court of law. Tweya couldn’t be reached for comment and did not answer Whatsapp messages sent to him.

The statement further read that AR agreed to give the respondent up to November 16 to establish a rent control board and appoint members in the agreed municipalities and regions. 

“Since we don’t trust the government, having made commitments in the past that turned out to be lies and used manipulative tactics, we will not withdraw our case immediately. This settlement will only be effective when made an order of court because we cannot trust a government whose interest is to protect foreigners and allow the renting population, that is chasing one million to keep suffering while they enjoy the wealth of our country with the whites and foreigners,” reads the statement.
Meetings were held with government, including President Hage Geingob, where promises were made but to date the ministry of trade which is the implementing agency for the establishment of the rental control board and its members, has done nothing about it. Before referring the reporter to their lawyer, AR member Job Amupanda said they reason they went to court is because the government is not trustworthy and don’t stick to their agreements.

“We had an agreement with State House. We had two agreements…they keep saying they are going to implement. They call us to nominate members to serve on the board but they didn’t do anything. They don’t take us seriously,” remarked Amupanda.


2018-10-22  Selma Ikela

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