• April 25th, 2019
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Armyworms affect backyard gardens


Nuusita Ashipala OKATHITHI - An invasion of armyworms in some backyard gardens in the Omusati Region is hampering production, thereby threatening food security. Elizabeth Hasenanye from Okathithi village, a widower taking care of 13 people in her home, relates how the worm invasion on her maize crop is slowly reducing her expected harvest. Apart from maize, Hasenanye also produce tomatoes, butternuts and cabbage to feed her children and generate income. She says with the money she makes from the garden, supplemented by her pension grant, she was able to sent two of her children for further studies at the International University of Management (IUM). Hasenanye’s garden was funded through the Scaling up community resilience to climate variability and climate change (SCORE). Apart from funding and aiding small farm holders to set up gardens, SCORE has also assisted with earth dams excavation. The dams were excavated to provide water for livestock and to water gardens. One such dam is situated at Oshiteyatemo village in the Okalongo Constituency. The dam benefits close to 5000 people, from 11 surrounding villages. It is envisaged to provide water for the next five to ten years, should there be no sufficient rain in the coming years. SCORE coordinator for Omusati, Oshana and Kunene regions, Mirjam Kaholongo, says the excavation of the dams has helped farmers to spend less on pipe water. “Unlike in the past, farmers can now give their livestock water from the dam instead of using pipe water which is costly,” says Kaholongo. She adds that the aim of the project is to see the dam connected to a community garden. Sarafina Tuyoleni, a community member is thankful to SCORE for excavating the dam, saying their livestock no longer need to travel vast distances for water.
New Era Reporter
2018-06-19 10:33:28 10 months ago

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