• July 11th, 2020

Around Namibia on a budget

Hi! I’m Ndapanda Haininga. We don’t know each other all that well yet, but I plan to use this column to very respectfully invade your space every other Friday. 
Why? You may ask. The answer is simple. 

I plan to convince you to join the journey of exploring Namibia through travel with me. 
Everything between budgeting, planning, getting lost and exploring this entire country with me. 
Your next question would most likely be, “What qualifies you to do that?” My answer? Nothing. 
There is probably nothing I know about the tourism industry that is going to blow your mind. The experience I have, however, is on ways to experience the beauty of this country on the average Namibian’s budget. 

How great does that sound?
I’m passionate about travel.
A passion that has led to the launch of my blog (Ndapanda.co). The blog documents many of my travels, most of which are domestic. I have had the pleasure of visiting some of the most beautiful corners of the country, and on a budget at that! Always on a budget. The Popa Falls in the greenery of the Kavango region, the majestic and ethereal Deadvlei in Southern Namibia, the stunning Ruacana Falls, and the Etosha National Park, just to name a few. 

I have also been to several local lodges, some of the best (detect the humble brag), on which I will vividly share once we’ve become better acquainted. Yes? We will take it slow. One step at a time. 
So, if you are the adventure-seeking, budget-conscious individual whose excitement comes from packing a duffel bag, spending a few days on the road while enjoying old school Don Williams and snacking on potato chips, this column is for you.

Catch a ride, come along! We are going to have so much fun!
“Now that we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, we can get right into budgeting next time.

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Blog: Ndapanda.co

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