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Art can change the world – Motinga

2018-10-03  Tuulikki Abraham

 Art can change the world – Motinga
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LÜDERITZ – Often young people forget their hobbies once settling in a job but this is different for 26-year-old  Alena Motinga who has always loved art.  

Art has always been part of her taking painting seriously ever since realising she could paint in 2013, which also happened to be the same time she started her teaching career.  Motinga says her job as a teacher takes up much of her time during the week and that is why she makes room for her art during weekends.  “Well, I always had a passion for art, be it dancing, singing or drama, and now visual art is what I focus on.  I would not say I loved art first, I would say art loved me first,” affirms Motinga.  

The young artist reveals that she is inspired by scenery as she is surrounded by the ocean and gets the opportunity to see the beautiful sunset every day. “I see how the sun glows on our beautiful dunes as it sets, and what better way to share that with the world!” she enthuses. 

As a teacher, Motinga gives art as a subject at Helen Van Rhijn Primary School in Lüderitz. That is where she got the idea to start a separate class, specially designed for art purposes only.  She adds that she only kicked off with the art classes two months ago, as she had to prepare for her new task which she took on.  She currently has seven learners aged between six and eight who are very committed to the art class and the number is still growing.

The classes take place on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday at the youth centre in Lüderitz.  “I am very proud of their progress and would give anything to help them paint a better future for themselves.” 

An excited Motinga is calling on  other artists to share what they have with the world, “for the world cannot change if we do not make a change where we are –remold, disrupt and create.” 

2018-10-03  Tuulikki Abraham

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