• October 15th, 2019

Artificial limbs project to benefit hundreds

RUNDU - The Indian High Commission along with the Ministry of Health and Social Services officially launched a six-week camp which is providing prosthetic limbs popularly known as Jaipur Foot for free in Rundu in Kavango East. The six-week project started on September 17.

“We would like to continue with this foot camps in whatever region in Namibia. We are here today and we are here tomorrow,” said the High Commissioner of India to Namibia Prashant Agrawal, during the official event that will see over 500 people get free artificial limbs.

Jaipur Foot project aims at providing artificial limbs to the Namibian population who are in need of these appliances. The project is a collaboration between the Indian High Commission and the government of the Republic of Namibia towards social progression.

The free camp targets people who have lost their limbs due to motor-vehicle accidents, diabetes, explosives, snakebites and others. The idea is to fit prosthetic limbs to people with disabilities either above the knee or below as well as below the elbow.

“According to WHO the non-communicable conditions, that may cause physical disabilities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, motor vehicle accidents just to mention  a few are on the rise, therefore the need is bigger and we appreciate the kind gesture from our sister government of India. I’m humbly appealing to the beneficiaries of the assertive devices to make the best utilisation and also consult the available orthopaedic technical staff for maintenance, repairs when needed,” said Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services Julieta Kavetuna, who read a statement on behalf of health minister Kalumbi Shangula.

“Last but not least, allow me to wholeheartedly welcome the Indian experts to Namibia and appreciate the much-needed orthopaedic technical services support they would deliver to the Namibian people,” she said.

John Muyamba
2019-09-24 07:09:17 21 days ago


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