• August 12th, 2020

Arts Performing Centres in dire need of funding

 Obrein Simasiku

OMUTHIYA - The Arts Performance Centres in Tsumeb and Oshikuku are struggling to keep their doors open amid lack of funds to run the day-to-day operations, leaving the musical and arts career of over 500 students on the line.
According to a board member, Alina Garises, there are 375 registered students at the Tsumeb Arts Performance Centre and about 129 at the Oshikuku centre. 
“The centre is currently facing financial difficulties. We need funds to run and grow the centre. Therefore, one of our immediate strategies is to secure funding to help the centre meet its mandate,” said Garises.
The centre offers musical lessons such as marimba, string and brass instruments, harp as well as visual arts in dancing and drama. The arts performance centre was established in 1993 as a non-profit entity, which presents an environment where people discover their talents.
The centre further assembles and repairs musical instruments, in addition to providing internal and external concerts from which it sometimes generates its revenue. 
The centre provides lessons from pre-primary musical education level to Grade 7, while those who excel from Grade 7 qualify to receive an international level diploma. 
“We would like to however thank all stakeholders for their support over the year and also appeal to others to join the quest of changing the world for the better through arts,” said Garises
She added that the centre has proven to be an aid with the development of creative problem solving skills, which subsequently helps with academic performance. 

Obrien Simasiku
2019-07-12 12:10:11 | 1 years ago

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