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At Home With: Alfred Ndyenge

2020-11-06  Paheja Siririka

At Home With: Alfred Ndyenge
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Paheja Siririka

You may know him as Alfred “Black Panther” Ndyenge, the secondary striker from Ramblers, but the lifestyle enhancer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, sports analyst and coach is quite shy in person but foils it with confidence and courage.
“What many don’t know about me is I am very shy but I always try to outshine it with confidence and courage,” stated Ndyenge.
He is currently the CEO of 6mo9, a brand associated with lifestyle-enhancing. 
“I am a lifestyle enhancer, a fitness coach and an entrepreneur. This is the brand to be associated with; it has a projection of positive energy towards life. Simply turn a 6 into a 9 – the effects of change is what we embrace,” he said.

Then and now
Sometimes referred to as Alfie, Ndyenge was born in Tsumeb and that’s where he started his football career. “It all started in my neighbourhood of Soweto in Tsumeb. I followed through with a great deal of perseverance and built a passion for the love of everything when I was getting better or improving in the necessary development areas.”
He mentioned that the best qualities of a good sportsman are looking after yourself mentally and physically, growing the passion in what you are good at and believing in your abilities.
He said, today, he can proudly say he is what he is because of all the effort and sacrifices he put in every bit of growing up. “Also shout out to everyone who was part of my journey as an aspiring young man.”
Ndyenge studied a Diploma in Sports Leisure and Recreation Management at Chesterfield College in North East Derbyshire, England.
He is a father to four children: one girl and three boys, aged, 16, nine, four and two – and the best feeling in the world is seeing his children run towards him for cuddles after work. Apart from that, the entrepreneur is a family man who has been hitched for five years now. 
“We have been together for six years; we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on the 30 October, which was last weekend.”

Alfred in the kitchen
We all have to try our luck in the kitchen every now and then, and Ndyenge has his moments as well.
“I love my pasta and chicken anytime – and yes, I know my way around the kitchen. I am a good cook when I make time to cook indeed.”
He prefers his tea or coffee with no sugar. “I love my tea or coffee with no sugar and equally love the Power Boost Energy drink by 6mo9.”

Lifestyle enhancer, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, sports analyst and coach – you name it; he does it all. Ndyenge told Entertainment Now! that because of what he is doing now and growing immense love, had he not been venturing into these areas, he would probably be an educator.
“If I was not into these fields, I would probably be a teacher, I think so,” he said after careful thinking. 
Based on these accomplishments and pursuits, Ndyenge feels he wouldn’t advise anyone to follow his footsteps. 
“I would not advise anyone to follow my footsteps because they come from harsh and up to normal conditions; however, I can advise anyone to follow their dreams by simply setting goals and using society role models to strive towards their dreams and goals in their manner.”

He is focused and determined to keep his brand flowing and existing to make an impact on people’s lives, especially those who are associated with and everything that is aligned with it. 

“Nothing is average to me; every day is like a Monday to me. I simply try to balance every bit of what I must do throughout to make it extraordinary.”

Working with people can be stressful – and sometimes, if you are forever serving and offering services to people, there is a need to zone out – and most importantly, maintain a certain level of tolerance. Ndyenge said paying attention and maintaining calm is vital.

“Yes, stress is one of the most challenging things you come across when working with people of different characters and race; it requires of you to be very vigilant and always proactive to accommodate and pay attention to the needs/problems. I de-stress by making sure I have helped where I can and I reward myself with good treatment.”
What annoys him the most is lazy people. “Lazy people annoy me; at the same time, I am very patient to help them or encourage them to get over the lazy cliff.”

Food for thought
“Life is a beautiful story; live it to the fullest.”

2020-11-06  Paheja Siririka

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