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Babi fate in PG’s hands

2021-04-23  Maria Amakali

Babi fate in PG’s hands
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Windhoek Magistrate’s Court has given a final remand for the prosecutor general Martha Imalwa to pronounce herself in the case of self-proclaimed prophet Jackson Babi.

According to State prosecutor Rowan van Wyk, the PG’s decision is not available; thus, magistrate Linus Samunzala postponed the case finally to 9 June.

The PG is expected to decide whether or not there is a case to which Babi should answer, charges he should be arraigned for trial, and where and when he should stand trial.

Babi has three cases on the lower court’s roll. 

For his first case, Babi is charged alongside Frizans Naululu Dumeni with possessing or dealing in two rhino horns, hunting a rhinoceros that is protected by law and possessing a hunting rifle and ammunition without a licence.

The prosecution claimed that Babi and Dumeni were in possession or dealt in two rhino horns at Babi’s residence in Kleine Kuppe in Windhoek on 26 and 27 May 2020.

The alleged discovery of the horns, firearm and bullets also led to the arrest of Babi and Dumeni as well as two other suspects, Alberto Mbwale and Joseph Matheus.

It is alleged the horns are linked to the poaching of two rhinos found dead and with their horns removed in the area of Gobabis in May 2020.  

For his second case, he is charged alongside Dumeni, Alberto Mbwale and Joseph Matheus with illegal hunting of specially protected game in the Gobabis district. 

For his third case, Babi is facing bribery charges for attempting to bribe the investigating officer dealing with his first case. 

It is alleged he offered the investigating officer N$13 000 cash to be released on bail.

Babi has been in police custody since May 2020 after his attempt to be released on bail in January failed. 

The court refused to release him on bail, citing evidence of him interfering with State witnesses and investigations while still in police custody. 


2021-04-23  Maria Amakali

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