• July 6th, 2020

Background does not matter but one’s dream

WINDHOEK – Twenty-four-year old Naftal Nghishekwa who describes himself as a marketing guru, says ever since graduating, he has never wanted to be a job seeker but a job creator, which drove him to initiate his own agency, Tailored Solution Transactors (TST) Marketing and Advertising, end of last year. 

Hghishekwa, who is the CEO, says growing up in Katutura, he was exposed to different struggles, which contributed to how he look at the world nowadays. “I was surrounded by people that lived in poverty, where addictions to drugs and alcohol was the main course, but as a child, I always imagined a better life for myself and knew that one day I would make it in life,” says Nghishekwa, adding that his love for marketing started when he used to work for a printing company, Dune Fox, as a sale consultant. Growing up was very hard for him because immediately after his Grade 12, his parents could not afford to pay for his tuition fees, and he had to work as a waitress and barman at local clubs, to save up for his university fees. 

Nghishekwa was born and raised in Windhoek, and spent 12 years of his life in the hostel between Peoples Primary School (PPS) and Hochland High. “I had to develop a sense of responsibility at a relatively young age,” he says. He graduated with a degree in marketing at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) in 2016.  He explains that after his graduation, he has been trying to come up with different initiatives trying to create jobs for the youth here and there, until he launched his own company. “This was one of the most difficult and challenging moments of my life as most people didn’t understand the vision I had.”

Nghishekwa adds that his motivation to success was his parents, and the environment that he grew up in, but most importantly it was the fear of being average learner that motivated him to work even harder. “I am a firm believer that we as humans should always strive to be the best versions of our self, and today I can proudly say I am one of the youngest marketing executives in the country.”

About his first corporate job at Dune Fox, Nghishekwa says it really molded him into the marketing professional he is today. 
“My second job was at an activation company called Blue Berry Communications, I learned everything about activations and branding,” says Nghishekwa, adding that his most defining moment was when he started his own agency. “The road has been filled with a lot of obstacles but I am loving every moment of the journey, and I thank the Almighty for everything he has done in my life.” His main goal right now is to grow his company into one of the most well-known and respected marketing agencies in the country, and to create as many jobs as possible to help government reduce the high unemployment rate in the country. “I would say that it doesn’t matter from what background you come from, as long as you have a dream, stay determined and work hard on your dream, you will be successful. Stop blaming others for your failures or hardships, and start taking responsibility for your own life because only you can make your dreams come true,” he stated in his message to the youth. 

Pinehas Nakaziko
2019-02-13 10:19:14 | 1 years ago

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