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Baller Boys stun Dama SA in knockout stages

2023-09-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

Baller Boys stun Dama SA in knockout stages

Baller Boys pulled off a stunning victory recently when they took Dama SA to task by beating them 5-0 in the U/17 knockout clash. 

Baller Boys who started the match with only 10 players, showed their determination as they started creating chances from the onset and putting Dama SA on the back foot. 

However, Baller Boys dictated the match tempo by keeping the ball more and fighting for every loose ball. 

Their defence was key as it prevented their opponents from scoring and gave them a run for their money leaving Dama’s coach a frustrated man with a loss for words.

“We played badly, my players were lazy today. You saw how they dominated our midfield, I don’t know which side of the bed my players woke up today. We cannot put in effort the whole week and come here and play like this,” said Pienaar Haitenge, the Dama coach.

Haitenge did not want to give any excuse but pointed out that most of his players did not pitch up.

“I still have quality in the squad that was supposed to deliver in this match. Unfortunately, I cannot even explain because the way we played today is not the way we played against KFA, if you saw that match you were going to say we were supposed to win this match,” he said.

Coach Pinehas Nambahu from Baller Boys felt the game was very intense, especially in the first half.

“The boys started very slow in the first half because we were one man down. I was very happy in the second half as they capitalised on the chances they got,” he said.

“The game plan was to possess the ball as much as possible and score goals and not neglect our defence which was key to preventing our opponents from scoring. Going further into the knockout stages, we want to possess the ball and take the other teams out of play,” he concluded.

Elsewhere, in what seemed like it was all well and done for DTS as they commanded the first half of the match against ACFA and led the game, the Red Army made a shocking return to draw level two-all in the end. 

Coach Nicky Gowaseb outwitted his opponents by forcing a draw following a stunning comeback.

2023-09-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

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