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Believe in your brand

2022-06-01  Paheja Siririka

Believe in your brand

Paheja Siririka

The lockdown in Namibia forced many to adapt and come up with new and innovative ways to sustain themselves. Among those is Ndapewa Hileni Kondo who always had the aspiration of owning a business. She loves sweets, and aptly started a candy trade, dubbing it ‘Leni’s Sweets and Treats’.

“We have different types of candy. We have sweet, sour and fudge,” she told Youth Corner proudly. Kondo is not only an entrepreneur but also a waitress and a psychology student at the University of Namibia.

Raised in Rundu, her entrepreneurial journey was influenced greatly by her grandmother who owned and managed several side hustles.

“I lived with my grandmother since the first grade. She was a teacher but also ran a bar called ‘VIP’ and, in that bar, she had a restaurant. Granny also had a mini shop and a salon,” recalled Kondo.

“It was always exciting seeing my grandmother taking care of the family. She is the one who inspired me to do what I do. I used to sell fudge in school and this is something I’m still doing now. She is the one who motivated me when it comes to business.”

Kondo was also inspired to start something of her own to ease the burden on her mother.  “I wanted to make extra money. I also performed poorly in my second year, so I had to pay my tuition myself. I decided to not solely rely on my mother because she was unemployed,” she recalled.

Kondo advised young entrepreneurs to always believe in their brands; at all times, adding that giving up should never be an option, because it is common for businesses to operate at a slow pace, but that does not mean it has failed.

“Keep on trying. It does get hard sometimes, because not all businesses will be blooming all the time, but just try to be as consistent as possible. 

Believe in yourself and your brand. Believe in what you are putting out there. Always try to provide the best quality service to your customers.”

She strongly encouraged the youth to be active and aim high to ensure their dreams become a reality with the available resources, adding that these steps are achievable.

You can get some Leni’s Sweets and Treats on order by dialling: 081 795 8298.

2022-06-01  Paheja Siririka

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