• July 16th, 2019
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Beltran will forever remember my name – Hitman …Judges spoiled the night

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Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-Namibia’s veteran pugilist Paulus ‘Hitman’ Moses believes that despite his defeat in Saturday’s slugfest against Raymundo Beltran for the WBO lightweight world crown, his polished performance against the Mexican-American, coupled with his brutal execution again reaffirmed why he remains one of the world’s best in the business.  Moses, at an advanced age of 39 years, has over the past decade been widely regarded as one of Africa’s most treasured lightweight boxers, as he has over the years proven why he is the best by beating the who’s who of world boxing.  But on Saturday against Beltran, never was Moses as sharp, as precise and as good as he was during their mega-fight, which was televised live back home.  Any boxing fan would love to see blood-and-guts brawlers, who are willing to walk through three and four punches just to land one punch of their own – Hitman and Beltran delivered precisely just that and even gave rousing action from start to finish.  Summing up Saturday’s performance against Beltran at yesterday’s welcoming press conference in Windhoek, a relaxed and equally confident Hitman said he fully executed his game-plan for Beltran, which was to get in the pocket, cover himself and try to brutally walk Beltran down, but the tough-as-nails Mexican firmly withstood the test of his onslaught.  “I believe I gave the best performance on Saturday but I guess it was not our night, as the judges saw it differently. I stuck to our game plan throughout the fight but Beltran is a tough and experienced fighter, that’s why he hung on and started coming out in the last three rounds. As you all know, the last three rounds are known as championship rounds and anything can happen in those rounds, especially when you are tired and legs are a bit weak. That’s why I chose to remain inside during the last three rounds and avoid an unwanted knockout, because Beltran was trying to knock me out in those rounds but I was smart and maintained my guard,” reflected Hitman, who arrived back home yesterday along with promoter Nestor Tobias and trainer Siegfried SBK Kaperu.  He continued: “Despite the defeat, I sent out a message to Beltran and know he knows what I’m capable of. I hear people were surprised by my performance, but that’s Hitman for you and Beltran will remember my name because I sent out a clear message on Saturday. Like I said, the fight could have gone either way, but I had to be careful and remain focused towards the last rounds because a guy like Beltran can easily knock you out if you recklessly go head to head with him. So, I had to avoid that mistake. But I’m really happy with my performance and like I said, I made sure my message was heard.” Moses on Saturday also proved that indeed he has style and uses speed, quickness, tremendous timing and great punching accuracy when moments dictate. The most impressive thing about Moses’ display on Saturday was that he dictated the way the bout was fought. Hitman blistered Beltran with an accurately painful jab throughout the fight and combined it with a succession of hooks, crosses, and uppercuts that connected perfectly.
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2018-02-20 10:37:07 1 years ago

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