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Betterdays are here…clothing brand ploughs back to the girl- child

2021-05-26  Festus Hamalwa

Betterdays are here…clothing brand ploughs back to the girl- child
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Betterdays clothing is a 100% Namibian brand founded and owned by Nailenge Samora and Atshipara Starlin.

The two started Betterdays in 2017 while studying IT at NUST, and used proceeds of their business to pay their school fees to assist their parents.

“Betterdays aims to make people aware that they should not give up, because better days are yet to come,” Atshipara, a systems analyst, told Youth Corner.

Nailenge is now a Sage Pastel technician.

The 25-year-old Atshipara said Betterdays is original and presents their Project1000, which is aimed at selling 1000 Betterdays products that include t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, bodywarmers and bucket hats.

He said a profit share of 40% made from the 1000 sales will be spent on sanitary pads for schoolgirls countrywide.

“Some girls simply don’t have access to sanitary products, while others face discrimination and stigma during their periods. Others don’t have educational resources to inform them about safe, sanitary hygiene practices,” explained Atshipara, adding that they will work with regional directorates of education to help identify schools where to distribute the sanitary pads.

The company also supports vulnerable children, especially in villages, and other needy people.

“We have a wide range of designs that our customers can choose from. Our T-shirts are very affordable. One can be grabbed for N$100, and we operate on a pay as you order basis,” he added.

To their fellow youth, he said: “Remember that you wake up to have a good day. Every breath you take is filled with hope for a better day. We have negative days, but that does not mean we should be pessimistic.

“Every day is different, but some days are better than others. But no matter how challenging the day is, get up and live it!”

2021-05-26  Festus Hamalwa

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