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BIPA discusses IP with Chinese business community

2023-03-29  Maihapa Ndjavera

BIPA discusses IP with Chinese business community

The Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA), in partnership with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, yesterday hosted an engagement on intellectual property (IP) services and business registration with the Chinese business community in Windhoek. 

The primary objective of the engagement was to provide registration services for BIPA products as well as to provide information on the protection and registration of IPs already protected in countries of origin. 

Officiating the event, trade ministry deputy minister Verna Sinimbo said registration and protection of IP is a powerful tool for businesses to protect their ideas, innovations, and creativity.

“Intellectual property can be used as collateral for loans or investments as it provides a tangible asset that can be valued and leveraged,” said Sinimbo. 

According to her, Namibia has made significant strides in protecting intellectual property rights in recent years. 

Additionally, she noted that Namibia has implemented a number of legal frameworks and policies designed to protect IP, and said, “we are continuously working hard to ensure that these frameworks are enforced.”

“As the government, we will be ready to work with businesses and our partners across the country and allow businesses and investors to use intellectual property as a powerful tool to bring your ideas to the market,” the deputy minister added.

Sinimbo noted there is a need to ensure that government is present to create an enabling business environment where local and foreign businesses can thrive. 

“It also segments the cordial relationship between Namibia and the People’s Republic of China, as it provides an opportunity for us to further work together in the areas of trade, investment, and economic cooperation,” Sinimbo continued. 

BIPA was established as the focal point for business registration as well as the registration and protection of IP in the country.

 IP is an essential vehicle to drive increased market share, hence BIPA encourages business owners to consider it as part of their business strategy. BIPA has also embarked upon an IP promotion campaign focusing on the business establishments to register, protect and utilise IP as a resource to drive efficiency, competitiveness, and profit.

At the same occasion, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Zhao Weiping said the protection of IP is critical not only to China for expanding economic development, but also to individualise business entities for the exercise of lawful rights and obligations. 

He commended the Namibian government, through the trade ministry, for its efforts in helping foreign investors in raising awareness of the relevant laws and regulations, as well as a consistent practice on IP and other matters. 

“The holding of this event has demonstrated once again that the Namibian government welcomes foreign investment and is providing them with all the necessary services to facilitate their business operations and development,” said Weiping.

2023-03-29  Maihapa Ndjavera

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