• August 6th, 2020

Boli deserves lifetime recognition - Naruseb

Undoubtedly when you hear the name Boli Mootseng, you can agree he is one of the most recognisable creatives you can meet. He has helped shaped the music industry over the years to what it is today and helped so many artists along the way in their careers.

Ma#aisa pioneer Steven Alvin Naruseb has started an online petition which he believes that Boli should be accorded with the lifetime achievement award at this year’s final installment of the MTC Namibian Music Award show.

Speaking to Entertainment Now! Naruseb said Boli is one of the few hidden influential people that contributed a lot to the growth of the Namibian arts industry, especially in music. ‘’There are many ways to influence others but I think the best way is through the mind. Boli, this guy works from inside to outside. By that, I mean if someone works on your mindset, spiritually, it’s easier to get physical training. He trained our minds by making us aware that by doing our own music, it is also acceptable and can bring out uniqueness and identity,’’ he narrated. 

Naruseb grew up listening to Boli on radio and TV, doing his “on a Sunday afternoon” version or song, which influenced him so much that he actually realised that local is really lekker. ‘’He just gives us so much belief and inspired us that it’s possible to be creative in your own way and be liked or admired by your people. Most of the things or almost everything that Boli is doing is for the development of others or people in arts,’’ he said.

Naruseb who is responsible for mega-hits for artists like the late Phura, Ou Stakes and Swartbaster amongst others feels that the time is right for this campaign to get off the ground while we on lockdown. He is rallying fans on his social media platform Facebook to comment and share the post hoping that his plight will be heard by the organising committee of the award show.
He ended off by letting this reporter know that something will be coming from the Welwitschia Music Production stable this year and wished all artists the best of luck for the award show. ‘’Good luck to all the nominees. Also stay humble and united,’’ he ended.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2020-04-30 10:44:19 | 3 months ago

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