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Breath-taking coastal landscape impresses tourists

2019-01-22  Eveline de Klerk

Breath-taking coastal landscape impresses tourists

WALVIS BAY - A group of tourists who recently visited Walvis Bay on a day-trip were in awe of the coastal town’s beauty during the tourism activities they undertook last week before their departure.

German national, Winfried Lamm says Namibia’s stunning landscape takes his breath away each time that he has visited the country.

Lamm was among passengers on the majestic Queen Elizabeth luxury liner that was in a flotilla of four passenger liners that docked at Walvis Bay without thousands of tourists from various nationalities.

Speaking to New Era shortly before taking a walk to once again familiarised himself with the town, Lamm said he has been travelling for the past three years now and has so far visited 63 countries in total and has been to Namibia on three occasions.

“I am in awe every time I come here. It is beautifully peaceful and it is always a pleasure to come to Namibia,” he said with enthusiasm.

Lamm who has a dedicated website where he documents his journeys around the world, says that Namibia remains one of his highlights on every trip that he undertakes.

Marinda Klaaste from South Africa, Cape Town on her part said it was her first time to visit Namibia. Comparing Walvis Bay to Cape Town, she said surprised by the similarities between the two towns.

“I was so surprised when we took a ride through town, Namibia so much look like Cape Town, in terms of the housing structures. I guess the history Namibia and south Africa had plays a part in it,” she said.
However, she says, Walvis Bay is a great town, with lots of tourism and although they did not have enough time to explore more.

“I will definitely come back it is a beautiful country,” she said.
Both passenger liners, Lamm and Klaaste were on, departed from the port Wednesday.
AIDAaura  that arrived early last week is an impressive liner, with 1300 passengers, and is 203 metres in length. Passengers on board this vessel will return to Hamburg Germany on 2 February as they have been on a 117-day voyage around the world.

Tourists are served by robots on the 12-deck liner.
MS Musica carries 2550 passengers and is 194 metres in length and it has 12 decks. Nautica is 181 metres long, 11 passenger decks and can carry 824 passengers.  They are on a 15-day trip from Cape Town, which ended on Sunday.
Lastly, the classy and elegant Queen Elizabeth is 294 metres long with 16 decks and can accommodate 2547 passengers.  The liner is currently on a 36-day African voyage from Southampton.


2019-01-22  Eveline de Klerk

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