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Budget debate a waste of time - Kauandenge 

2020-06-05  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

Budget debate a waste of time - Kauandenge 
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National Unity Democratic Organisation chief whip Joseph Kauandenge said the budget debate currently taking place in the National Assembly is a waste of time.

This according to him is because there is nothing that opposition say or do will change the budget as prescribed. 
“It does not matter how well our research and contributions are, this budget and others before us are cast in stone, therefore, there is nothing that we say or do that will change this budget,” he said during maiden contribution this week. He said the budget is a reflection or a mirror of the ruling Swapo party manifesto that is turned into government spending areas.
“How long shall we continue to waste each other’s time as opposition and those in the executive arm of government? The manner and fashion in which this budget is produced, packaged and presented to us is but just a cosmetic affairs, grandstanding at best by those in the executive arm of government,” he said.

Kauandenge said it is regrettable that government continued to do things under the current climate of uncertainty as if it is business as usual while it is not the case. 

 “I must add the allocation of N$1.3 billion to the ministry of agriculture, water and land reform defies logic, common sense and at best borders on illogicality and pure shortsightedness in my view,” he said.
“The fight was about land and restitution of the previously disadvantaged Namibians. -
How the land reform ministry can get such a small amount of money is beyond comprehension.”


2020-06-05  Kuzeeko Tjitemisa

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