• February 26th, 2020

Build It aids shack-fire victims

OMUTHIYA -Build It in Omuthiya aided three shack-fire victims by providing building materials, after a thirteen year-old-girl last week set alight the shacks in what is believed to be a vengeful act. They are all in one house. 

It is understood the antagonistic act of the young girl was done out of anger, after she was barred from travelling to Tsumeb where she was set to attend a Pentecostal church service. The incident happened at Omainda, Omuthiya.
The shacks burnt to ashes and nothing was salvaged. The damage is estimated to be over N$10 000. 

According to the family member, Albertina Andreas during the handover of the materials, the young girl used matchsticks to set alight the shacks one after another, “she then ran to the open market in town to alert us of what had happened at home as if she has no role in it.” 

“We really do not know what bad spirit got into this child, she has been acting strange lately. The incident happened few days after the family banned her from boarding a bus to attend a sermon at Universal Church in Tsumeb. We are Anglican,” stressed a saddened Andreas.

“There are kids that are being lured in the community to attend this Universal church, and the is always a bus waiting for them. This is always done without the parents’ knowledge and consent. I therefore urge parents to be vigilant of their children,” she added.

Build It representative Selma Nekomba said the gesture was part of their social corporate responsibility. “We just laid the foundation, a ground upon which they can start building as it is always difficult to start from scratch when such incidences occur,” said Nekomba. 

Obrien Simasiku
2019-05-02 09:08:01 | 9 months ago

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