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Cabbie murdered, dumped in riverbed

2019-02-15  Selma Ikela

Cabbie murdered, dumped in riverbed

WINDHOEK - A Windhoek taxi driver who went outside during the wee hours of Tuesday to inspect strange noises from his car, was found dead in a riverbed in the vicinity of his house.

Naftal Uugwanga, 33, a resident of Freedom Land who left his shack only wearing a hot pants, was found with seven stab wounds in his chest and back, presumed to have been effected with a screwdriver.  

Uugwanga also had a wound on the side of his face, supposed when he was hit with a stone. The suspects are unknown and no arrests have been made.

Uugwanga’s body  was discovered by a municipal rubbish collector who notified a police officer at Ombili mobile police station in the vicinity early Tuesday morning. 

Uugwanga’s family believe the murder took place in the surroundings and that he was dumped in the riverbed as there was no sign of a scuffle nor was the scene bloody.

A 13mm size vehicle spanner was found at the riverbed crime scene, which the family said it is used to open and remove vehicle timings and batteries.

The deceased’s older brother Fillipus Nantuluka told New Era Uugwanga woke up around 03h00 after he heard noises and his vehicle being broken into. 

He said Uugwanga got up without saying anything to his girlfriend in bed. The girlfriend however heard the sound of the door being opened when Uugwanga left the house.

Nantuluka alleged the thieves fled from the car when Uugwanga opened the door and gave chase.  Nantuluka added his brother left with his cellphone but it is now missing.

Nantuluka said his brother’s girlfriend woke up a while later when Uugwanga had not returned. She found the vehicle’s bonnet open. She then called her neighbour who accompanied her into the street to find Uugwanga but there was no trace of him.  While walking back home, an elderly woman who is their neighbour asked about Uugwanga’s whereabouts. 
This raised suspicions as the family wanted to know how this neighbour knew Uugwanga wasn’t home that time.

 Nantuluka said they suggested this to the police to question the woman but their plea fell on deaf ears. After the girlfriend returned home Nantuluka was informed about his brother’s disappearance. Nantuluka and other family members then arrived and assisted with the search. 

They alleged Uugwanga’s footprints went in the direction of houses in an enclosed area and showed he did not return. Nantuluka added that since they don’t have the right to search people’s homes, they suggested this information to the police but nothing was done.

It was in the morning around 07h00 when Nantuluka went to Ombili mobile police station to leave his number with the police to contact him if they heard anything.  “The police officer told me that a man sitting outside came to report about a man who was found in a riverbed in the vicinity,” he said.

Nampol Khomas Police regional commander Silvanus Nghishidimbwa confirmed the incident and said police have established it is a murder case.  He said no arrest has been made but there is progress. 
Nghishidimbwa said he is waiting for the investigation to be conducted including a post-mortem.
“I am aware of the allegations. I was informed and listened.  This morning (Wednesday) I assigned a senior investigator to listen and meet with the family member who contacted me,” Nghishidimbwa said, adding that he was still to receive feedback from the investigator.

2019-02-15  Selma Ikela

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