• June 17th, 2019
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Cancer ward receives commodes from MTC staff


Staff Reporter Windhoek-Namibia’s premier mobile telecommunications service provider, MTC, through its MTC Care Initiative, last Thursday donated commodes, chairs and nappies to the cancer ward at Windhoek Central Hospital. MTC Care is both an employee initiative and staff volunteering programme, where MTC employees out of goodwill put together monetary and in-kind resources to donate to identified needy and deserving causes in the wider community. MTC recently responded to a request from the cancer ward of Windhoek Central Hospital, and its employees participated by way of sponsoring the latter with special chairs, called commodes, a special type of chair that assists patients to walk to the toilet, especially when they are ill or disabled. Handing over the donation to the ward in Windhoek, Joseph Mundjindi said: “At MTC, we live by the culture of making contributions that uplift and better the lives of our people. And today we are glad to know that with these donations, someone’s life will be made easier.” “We all can make a small difference by learning about the suffering of others, empathising and striving to deliver a possible solution at hand,” instead of always deferring our responsibilities to the government, Mundjindi added. Elizabeth Massamba, one of MTC’s employees highlighted that to make Namibia a better place, we must always count our blessings and use the same courtesy afforded to us positively to impact our society. “I’m so proud to know that my contribution to this initiative is directed to worthy cause such as this donation,” she gushed.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-21 09:44:21 1 years ago

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