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Can’t keep Jossy Joss down

2020-04-17  Strauss Lunyangwe

Can’t keep Jossy Joss down

While some see the lockdown period as an economically challenging moment, others have adapted to the situation and reinvented themselves to stay relevant. Joseph Ailonga also known as Jossy Joss has started an online platform, which entertains, educates and informs the masses in the comfort of their homes.

Lockdown Nights with Jossy Joss invites notable figures from professionals, entertainers and even most recent interviewee presidential press secretary Alfredo Hengari.

Jossy told Entertainment Now! that the show was a simple concept which started gaining momentum. ‘’Lockdown Nights with Jossy Joss was a simple concept to keep ourselves busy during the lockdown period. It’s simply about entertaining people at home while informing and educating them,’’ he narrated.

The Efundula hit maker explained that the show needs to be relevant and educative thus the people that come onto the show must resonate with the streamers. They look at current events when selecting those that appear on the show.
Jossy feels that for radio and TV personalities, this is a great platform to grow themselves as a brand and change with times. ‘’The world is changing, so we must adapt to the changes. If creatives see the opportunities that technology provides then we can only grow from there to bigger markets,’’ he advised.

Jossy recently resigned from Eagle FM after having a fallout with owner John Walenga, which has seen him hit the ground running in staying relevant and making sure his media skills are put to good use. ‘I was very much invested in building the Eagle FM brand, so I only found the time to refocus my energy into the Jossy Joss brand when I left hence this project,’’ he ended.

He said there are talks to continue with the Lockdown Nights after everything has come to normalisation but they will make that determination once they evaluate the progress so far.

Brand conscious...Lock Down Nights with Jossy Joss.Photo Contributed

2020-04-17  Strauss Lunyangwe

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