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Cassidy Dabbles in a solo project

2019-11-08  Emmency Nuukala

Cassidy Dabbles in a solo project
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 Emmency Nuukala

WINDHOEK – Twenty-six-year-old Cassidy Karon, better known as the other half of the award-winning music duo Paradox, recently set social media abuzz after he posted a video announcing that he will be releasing a solo album soon.

Cassidy told fans, who might be worried that the duo would be parting ways, not fret. “We currently not on the same timeline; we just felt that 10 years ago we started Paradox, 10 years later we need to spice things up!” commented Cassidy when Entertainment Now! caught up with him in the studio. 

The two grew up as shadows and for the past 25 years, they have influenced each other, so the importance of this solo project is to change that narrative. ‘’To be able to change our style, to grow as individuals and then come back and make Paradox work again. You cannot stop greatness, Paradox is a force and also we are in the business of staying alive,” said Cassidy with a smile.

Cassidy said what sets this album apart from his work with Paradox is that now it is just broader. He would be delving deeper into his own walk of life. The album would have guest appearances from Toufi, the other half of Paradox, Sally Boss Madam DJ Castro and Romi. 

The Paradox frontman has already shot a new video titled ‘Awe’, a single on the album that is a tribute to his roots and his home, Grysblock.

“I have always been taught that music should be true, more than anything it should make you feel a certain type of way. I have always wanted to be as honest and as transparent as possible in my art,” he explained.
The album moves into a time, which has no specific genre, but rather a fusion of electronic sounds with a type of hip-hop jive - a retrospect on his journey with music. 

Just in time for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) deadline, the album will be released soon, with a chuckle he comments “Of
cause it’s the last NAMAs with MTC, I just have to hey,” he ended. 

2019-11-08  Emmency Nuukala

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