• September 20th, 2020

Cenored to light up Kuvukiland

OMUTHIYA – The informal settlement of Kuvukiland in Tsumeb will soon be electrified with high-mast lights. 
Tsumeb regional councillor Lebbeus Tobias accompanied by town mayor Mathew Hangula and Cenored officials informed the community on Wednesday that the request to have floodlights installed in the area has been approved. 
Tobias said the visit was also to conduct a survey and determine an area where it is suitable to install them. 
The densely populated Kuvukiland is described as a danger zone at night as residents are robbed of their belongings, attacked and in worst scenarios raped and killed. 

This is coupled by poor road infrastructure which makes it difficult for motorists to reach the area.  In the last two months, three women were raped and murdered in the area, with attackers varnishing into thin air.  
“We did the survey to determine how many lamps can be installed in the area based on the size of the area. Now it is up to Cenored to scrutinize within their budget how many they can afford,” said the mayor. 
In addition, he said, stage two of household electrification was recently concluded, while the third phase will commence next year pending the availability of funds. 
“We however encourage those that are near electrified households to apply from Cenored for a connection. While those who are unable can wait for the next round. This is a process all because of a lack of funds – even Cenored is pressed with resources hence cannot do it all at once,” stressed Hangula.  
“For now, what is important is the erection of high masts to curb the crime that happens in the dark,” he added.

Obrien Simasiku
2020-09-11 10:00:22 | 9 days ago

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