• April 25th, 2019
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Chantell, Nyasha in African ballads duet


Staff Reporter Windhoek-The show ‘African Ballads’ featuring Chantell Uiras and Nyasha Chirau takes place at the Heinitzburg Castle tomorrow night between 17h30 and 20h30. Chantell and Nyasha clearly break away from standard norms and formats of musical presentation. She is a young Namibian vocalist of twenty years, with strong Nama roots; he a Shona percussionist and keyboard player from Zimbabwe, also in his early twenties. Their musical show ‘African Ballads’ breathes youthful, unpretentious allure and energy. Something one would mostly enjoy during and after sundowners, i.e. over that period of the day, when the world appears to hold its breath for a little while. Chantell is an actress, a spoken word artist and a musician with unique sensuality. Her original compositions are about inner peace, the beauty of nature and healing. Born in the coastal town of Swakopmund she discovered her love, or rather, the urge for singing late at night in the quiet of her room in Swakopmund. Her slightly introverted, natural approach to the art transcends everything when she performs and makes her act unique. Nyasha Chirau is quite similar, with a generally serene and calm appearance, but beneath an almost reserved approach lurks musical energy that is witness of his Shona roots. Both Nyasha and Chantell are students of performing arts at the College for the Arts, with Chantell branching out into drama, poetry and contemporary dance whilst Nyasha focuses on African performing arts. Chantell’s voice lends itself to soothing, laid back ballads, which are her trademark. She makes her vernacular, Nama-Damara, resonate with beautiful poetry. /Nanu is a tribute to the rain and //oas go //oa praises the beauty of the day`s morning. It does not end here, but also expect covers of Afro-American soul artists Sade, Erika Badu and Nina Simone. Chantell on voice and Nyasha on keyboards, voice and percussion create a deeply rooted synergy between African and soul music. The organisers will levy a cover charge of N$50 and they will provide seats on a first come first serve basis.
New Era Reporter
2017-10-13 12:09:20 1 years ago

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