• September 22nd, 2020

Chief Hoveka extends helping hand to farmers

Julia Kamarenga

GOBABIS - The Hoveka Royal House has donated 100 bales of grass to Omaheke residents through the office of the Omaheke regional governor Festus Ueitele at farm Du Plessis to assist farmers affected by the current severe drought. 

This came after Chief Hoveka of the Hoveka Royal House made a pledge during the regional presidential town hall meeting that took place in Omaheke during July. 

“About two months ago during the presidential visit I pledged to help our government to curb the effects of drought with bales of grass. Today we are gathered here to witness the delivery of those bales I promised,” stated Chief Turimuro Hoveka.

Omaheke like many other regions is severely affected by the drought that has led to hundreds of livestock dying which in some instances left farmers with nothing. Receiving the donation on behalf of the region, Ueitele applauded the Hoveka Royal House for the exemplary gesture and said it is always good to give to others than to receive. 

Ueitele believes the donation will make a difference in the lives of people and their livestock.
On his part, Peter Kazongominja, the councillor for Aminuis constituency, thanked the chief for his generosity and he urged the beneficiaries to be considerate to others and grateful for the little that they are receiving especially because they all face a similar predicament.

The severity of the climatic conditions demands for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to ensure that the plight of those affected is reduced.

In the beginning of this year, the Hoveka Royal House also donated stationery to Eiseb Primary School, a commitment the royal house has taken to help better the lives of the Namibian people regardless of their affiliations.

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2019-09-05 07:05:24 | 1 years ago

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