• July 5th, 2020

Chikune intents bouncing back

WINDHOEK - Award winning songstress, Colleen Tjikune, aka Chikune, intents  bouncing back to claim her spot as one of the best female musicians in the country.

“Last year was extremely tough. I had to fight hard to end 2018 with a bang! Throughout my music career, I have had difficulties in trying to shoot videos for any of my songs due to different contract agreements. The first few were removed and the rest just didn’t pan out,” explains Chikune. Apart from an opportunity with Power Play Energy Drinks to perform at different festivals and occasions, such as the All White Party, Chikune had a stint on the international platform last year through collaboration with Mbosso, an acclaimed musician from Tanzania. “We did collaboration Mbosso and remixed my song, Pieces, and shot an amazing video which is currently receiving remarkable views on YouTube,” says Chikune. 

The song was released as part of Chikune’s last album, Her. The version in a new music video, released earlier this year, is a remix featuring Tanzania’s beloved, “The African Voice” Mbosso. The song is a heartwarming rendition about heartache and strength and through it; Chikune brings Mbosso, a different sound for his fans to enjoy. “Pieces is about getting over a break up, getting out of relationships in which we are taken for granted and having the chance to ‘butterfly’ and move on even after being replaced,” says Chikune.

She adds that getting the opportunity to feature Mbosso was a blessing that just landed on her lap. “I got linked to work with him by Diamond Platnumz when he came to perform at The Dogg’s show. I got the chance to chat to him and couldn’t pass up the chance to show him my song that I sang in Kiswahili.”

The reaction has been overwhelming for an unexpected creation and the video of the song got 100 000 viewers within two days of its release. The video was shot in Tanzania, on a beautiful beach situated on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam.  “I am currently busy recording another single featuring one of Namibia’s great musicians, which is a secret for now. Apart from this my plan is to make more music and just try my best to be consistent.”

Chikune thus far has two albums, the first In With the New, released in 2015 winning her the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) Female Artist of the Year in 2016. She also pocketed the Best Female Artist of Southern Africa at Afrimma 2016. The second album titled, Her, dropped in 2017 also earning its fair share of awards at the 2018 NAMAs. It won Best Afro Pop and Best Collaboration.

Chikune’s talent came to stand out significantly after taking part in various singing competitions and ended up competing in Los Angeles in the United State of America at the World Championships of the Performing Arts, where she earned the title of Senior Vocalist of the World.

The pursuit of her real passion, singing, landed her a recording deal with Namibia’s music label Ogopa Butterfly in 2014. The same year she released her first single, Pumpkin, testimony to her vocal prowess elevating her to the status of among the musically recognised personas. In 2015, the single Pumpkin was awarded the ‘Best Single’ in the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).

She is currently signed under the music label Ogopa Inc and her zeal to make music for her fans has her hard at work creating new material.

Pinehas Nakaziko
2019-01-18 10:36:12 | 1 years ago

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