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Chinese jailed for bribing cop

2018-09-17  Maria Amakali

Chinese jailed for bribing cop

WINDHOEK – Two men found themselves in custody on Friday after the court sentenced them to serve 24 months behind bars for bribing a police investigating officer this month in Windhoek.

Siyong Xu, 55, and Huaifen Yang, 54, were convicted on a count of corruptly offering or giving gratification to an agent as an inducement after they admitted guilt on September 10.

Windhoek Magistrate Vanessa Stanley sentenced Siyong and Huaifen to 24 months imprisonment respectively without an option for a fine.

 According to the court, the two were convicted of an offence that involves dishonesty.
“By offering a bribe to an inspector in the police force to stop investigations in a criminal case, they have shown that they are not followers of justice and that money is a tool to buy corruption. Thereby, making themselves guilty of corruption,” narrated Stanley. 

Further stating that bribery and corruption are serious offences and the courts are not lenient when it comes to such types of offences. 

The two were arrested on September 5 at the Old Power Station, Windhoek in a sting operation by the ACC after they bribed a Detective Inspector of the Anti-money Laundering and Combating of Financing of Terrorism Division of the Namibian police with N$4 000.

According to court documents, the pair wanted the investigating officer to stop investigating and close investigations into a N$1 million money laundering case against Huaifen who is an Operations Manager at a local construction company.
Siyong and Huaifen were released on bail of N$30 000 each during their first appearance in court and N$4 000 bribery money has been forfeited to the State.  

After the sentencing, Siyong and Huaifen’s defence attorney Mbanga Siyomunji filled a notice of appeal against the sentence.
According to the appeal, Magistrate Stanley erred in law and fact by imposing a severe sentence of 24 months imprisonment without an option for a fine. Adding that the sentence is harsh and induces a sense of shock. 

2018-09-17  Maria Amakali

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