• April 21st, 2019
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Choppies creates over 50 jobs in Omuthiya

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-Multinational retailer Choppies Enterprises opened its doors in the country for the first time in Omuthiya, Oshikoto Region, creating over 50 jobs for the local people. The venture is an addition to Choppies’ over 130 stores operating in seven Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, namely Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Botswana where its headquarters are. Two more branches are lined up in Ondangwa and Ongwediva, pending the availability of operating space. “Choppies fully employs the local people of Omuthiya and only a few people from Botswana that came to assist in setting up and rolling the operation, as well as assist employees where they are lacking. We have others employed on a temporary basis, and when things are running smoothly the number of workers will be reduced to 50 – and those are the ones that are currently on the payroll,” said the marketing manager Otsile Marole during the grand opening yesterday, which drew hundreds of customers looking for bargains. Speaking at the occasion was the CEO of Omuthiya, Samuel Mbango, who said they have been anxious to see such investment opportunities. “This is a good sign – it has been too long since Omuthiya has shined. With this economic crunch, for the past three years there has been little to be pointed to as having been accomplished on any major development and investment leve, especially,” said Mbango. Mbango added that it is a good opportunity for other investors to see the potential in Omuthiya. Choppies will purchase most, if not all, of its products in the country. According to Marole, they are looking forward to creating a relationship with local farmers who can easily supply vegetables and fruit. “We are committed to working hand in hand with our customers and the community at large – and we rely on their support. In return we will make sure we plough back into the communities from which we are operating,” said Marole.
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2017-11-30 09:24:39 1 years ago

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