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Chris Wayne gives hard-knock advice

2021-09-24  Strauss Lunyangwe

Chris Wayne gives hard-knock advice
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Music producer Chris Wayne shared some valuable knowledge recently on social media regarding upcoming artists who want to do music full-time.

Real name Fernando Shindunda, the producer posted a message on social media that read: “If you live off music only, and you are an upcoming artist, I advise you to start a business to accommodate your career coz waiting for shows and gigs is petty cash in our country; you will starve! They will applaud you on social media ‘Dope song’ – fire emojis’, likes and views but that alone will not help you pay your rent”. 

Chris told VIBEZ! as a producer in the industry, he is exposed to so many authentic talents, especially the underground and upcoming artists. 

“Working with the artists on the ground made me realise there is a problem that must be addressed, as it is crucial and very concerning for the future of our music industry,” he explained.

The CEO and founder of MasterMind Production said his heart breaks when he sees talented artists with so much potential having to struggle. 

“Everyone is trying to survive off whatever time and effort they put in and obviously expect a return, but they hardly make enough to even make the rent or pay for studio time.”

A term has been used a lot, especially amongst upcoming artists and celebrities, which means those who do things just to project a hipper persona on social media are greatly disliked, deemed superficial and fake.

The producer feels, nowadays, it costs a lot to look and smell good, and to move from one place to another, as they use their last pennies for interviews, shows and private events. 

“You are expected to dress appropriately – and that costs money. When there isn’t a strong financial backing system behind the artists, and all they depend on is the music to make a living, there obviously needs to be a system that is there for artists financially to help them stay afloat.”

Chris added that business has been good and bad when it comes to clients affording studio time because as a professional producer, he is supposed to be doing good but not everyone can afford his rates. 

“I do the best I can to accommodate the few artists who can at least meet me halfway; sometimes even handing out free studio sessions and doing free projects just to keep the artists motivated, but I can only do what I can do, which is not enough,” he pointed out.

He also drew concern on the future of the music industry, especially that the NAMAs have been scrapped, which served as a motivation to many. 

“The NAMAs gave the industry a boost and motivated us to work even harder for the reward – and whether you won or not, the music business was very active coz financially, our industry was doing better... There’s a huge difference now in the way artists were living before the NAMAs and after the NAMAs; it’s very concerning.”


2021-09-24  Strauss Lunyangwe

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