• July 17th, 2019
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CJay brings back love


Jeremiah Ndjoze When the iconic group, Band of Gold, dropped their classic ‘Love songs are back Again,’ back in 1985 they did just that. They ushered romance back into the lives of lovers some of whose relationship needed that do-over. And yes, they took many a lovers of the time back to the very beginning of their respective courtships, back to the giddiness and the sweet memories. It is this same effect that rhythm and blues crooner, CJay, real names Clarence Jerome Eiseb, is planning to leave on the masses with his brand of soulful tunes reminiscent of the 1990s slow jams era. The singer hasten to add that there are no covert intentions attached to his approach. “My approach is as clear as daylight my man. I just want to bring love back. So many things are happening in our society as far as relationships are concerned, even passion is getting a new meaning. I just want to add some good love songs to the local playlists,” says CJay. As a teaser CJay recently unveiled his latest single entitled Thank You. Oozing with sentimental value and lyrical correctness, the song has generated hype on social media. A tribute to his wife, who also features in the video, CJay reveals that this song is built on real life experiences. “I grew listening to music by big boys and girls who said it like it is. Back than love was fashionable I suppose and it is this honesty that I also try to built my music on,” CJay reveals listing the likes of Brandy, Joe Thomas, Boys 2 Men, Gladys Knight and Michael Jackson as his influences. About a decade ago, Cjay formed part of the musical trio, Black Shade. He however reveals that the group has since disbanded and he has been performing at weddings and similar social gatherings. “I’m truly passionate about music, and since Black Shade I’ve done a lot of voice training and involved myself in small musical projects to stay relevant, while working on the big thing,” the musician says urging fans to look forward to an album towards the end of this year. Meanwhile as a good gesture to his fans, CJay is promising a free performance in May, be it at a wedding, birthday, or corporate event. “All people have to do is visit the page (https://www.facebook.com/CJayEiseb), tell us about their event and why ‘CJay’ should perform there. Selection will be done on April 30,” he pledges. All in all, whether you have someone in your life now or you are hoping to fall in love someday, CJay promises to walk this walk with you, constantly reminding why you fell in love in the first place.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-20 10:51:37 1 years ago

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