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CJay on the motivational path

2021-10-08  Strauss Lunyangwe

CJay on the motivational path
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After attending a purpose accelerator clinic and going on a personal purpose finding journey, CJay, real name Clarence Jerome Eiseb, started thinking about his approach to life, his habits, his attitude towards circumstances and a whole lot more.

CJay has over the past few weeks been posting motivational videos on social media in which he shares information that should be consumed by the receiver in a positive and constructive way. 

“I took it upon myself to talk with people and share important things that we generally overlook or ignore. The mode for producing the videos started when I was strategising on the medium of communication. I downloaded an app, taught myself how to edit and the rest is what you see on a weekly basis,” he told VIBEZ!

CJay, however, does not consider himself a motivational or inspirational speaker, neither a life coach. 

“I consider myself to be a speaker inspired by life, a speaker of the truth. I also meet people on a personal level and develop their purpose, which they realise after our session/s. So, I can also be considered a purpose finder because I’m passionate about helping people realise their purpose.”

Having dabbled in the music industry VIBEZ! Wanted to know if he is retired from the cutthroat industry, the member of the now defunct RnB group Black Shades said the love for music is something that will never be out of his life. 

“I am sharing my talent and will continue to. I’m working on a few solo and duet projects as well, which will be shared with the public very soon. There’s always info of what we’re up to on my social pages (CJay Eiseb on FB, YouTube and Instagram). No, I’m not hanging up the mic,” he noted.

The soulful singer is working on a duet project with a very talented young woman, who will be introduced soon. 

“As a solo artist, I will mostly share singles, In the meantime, however, I am very much focused on producing music. I produce a variety of genres of music with my production partner, Elia Bonde. We write, arrange, mix and master any genre of music. The production bug bit me after I started following big-time music producers such as Jermaine Dupree, Sean Combs, Kirk Franklin and of course, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmund’s. Anyone is welcome to contact me on social media and we’ll produce them a hit song, both young and old.”

He told this reporter that there is a project that will be announced soon with Bolie ‘Bishop Madigari’ Mootseng where they honour a Namibian musical icon. He also started hosting a TV show called ‘These People’ on NBC.

He advised hopefuls to not procrastinate and do something they set out to do. “Don’t wait for a perfect moment, seize any given opportunity.”

2021-10-08  Strauss Lunyangwe

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