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Cleaner goes on shopping spree after robbery

2022-08-16  Loide Jason

Cleaner goes on shopping spree after robbery

The police recovered about N$105 000 in cash and US$1 200 (worth over N$19 000), allegedly stolen at gunpoint from a Chinese national last week in Windhoek.

According to commissioner Ismael Basson, the police discovered, through interrogation, the cleaner at the Chinese businessman’s house is one of seven suspects in the Hochland Park robbery.

It is alleged the police discovered N$80 000 from the girlfriend of one of the suspects; N$240 from the cleaner, which she had on her and N$12 600 from the cleaner’s friend, who lives opposite her. 

The cleaner has used some of the money on herself to buy a new double bed, a pair of Adidas sneakers, a Huawei cellphone and two small gas stoves, plus two gas bottles for her and a friend. 

The cleaner in question allegedly also gave her mom N$1 000 and N$500 each to her two sisters. 

“We recovered one laptop, one Playstation and two rounds for a shotgun in the plastic bag where the Playstation was. The cleaner gave her landlord N$900 and her friend gave the landlord N$1 200, but we only found the landlord with N$1 000. We recovered US$1 000 from one of the suspects’ friends,” read the report that was confirmed by Basson.

All the items were confiscated but she was not arrested. 

No case was opened against her.

Two suspects, Frans Andreas (32) and Haimbondi Salom Sheehama (30), were arrested on Friday at the Oshivelo police checkpoint at around 03h10. 

They were on an Intercape bus on its way to northern Namibia. 

An unlicensed pistol, with the serial number removed and ammunition believed to have been used in the commissioning of the robbery, as well as N$2 000 and U$200 cash, were found in their possession. 

Police opened a case of illegal possession of a firearm without a licence, as well as a case of illegal possession of ammunition against the two.

Four other suspects are still at large.

The businessman was robbed of money and goods worth N$1.4 million at gunpoint at his home by six men on Wednesday. 

According to the regional commander, Ismael Basson, the case of robbery with aggravating circumstances was registered on Wednesday, 10 August 2022, at about 10h00 after suspects held the complainant at gunpoint and took properties.

Meanwhile, another Chinese national was robbed on Saturday in the same vicinity at around 12h00 at King Fischer street, Hochland Park after he picked up two suspects who pretended to be job seekers at the traffic lights near Game Shopping Centre. 

“The two started to render the requested assistance to the said carpenter. A few minutes later, they pretended to be thirsty and the complainant offered to get them refreshments upstairs.” 

It is alleged that the suspects followed the complainant into the room, closed and locked the door behind them, grabbed the owner and overpowered him while holding him at knifepoint, and they demanded money and other valuables from the victim. 

It is alleged the suspects managed to loot N$2 400 in cash from a wallet and demanded the victim to Bluewallet them N$4 500 to one of their mobile numbers. 

It is further alleged the suspects tossed two small safes through the window with intent of picking it up once they are downstairs. 

During a scuffle, it is alleged, one of the suspects was bitten on the finger and blood stains were left on the crime scene. 

“The suspects tied up the victim with a tie and left him in his flat. The victim managed to untie himself and observed a sedan vehicle, believed to be a taxi, through the window, where the two safes were tossed,” said the police. 

It is further alleged that two other male suspects came out and tried to retrieve the safes. 

However, the victim shot in the direction where the safes were dropped. 

The suspects ran away and left the safes. 

No arrests were made. 

A handset was recovered and police investigation continues.


2022-08-16  Loide Jason

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