• September 26th, 2020

Cops seize 41 bags of dagga from businessman

ONHUNO - Police in Ohangwena Region have arrested a 46-year-old businessman who was found with one of the biggest consignments of cannabis ever recovered in the country. According to Ohangwena Police Regional Commander Shinedima Shindinge, the truck that was contracted to transport poles for one popular building material shop in the north was found with 41 bags of cannabis hidden under the poles.  In each of the bags that are popularly known in the north as mwaudako, there were 100 parcels of dagga. 

But police were still searching the truck to find out whether more drugs were hidden under the poles in other sections of the vehicle. 

Police were also going to search whether other kinds of drugs were hidden in the bags – apart from cannabis.
Shindinge said the value of the recovered dagga was not yet determined as it still needed to be weighed. 
The suspect who was the truck driver allegedly told the police he was the owner of the truck. He allegedly confessed that the dagga was indeed his.

According to Shindinge, the truck came from South Africa, through Botswana, and entered Namibia using the Rundu-Nkurenkuru route. The suspect was arrested after the police were tipped off by some members of the public.
Shindinge urged members of the public to report any suspected drug dealer in their area. 

“These people are damaging our country, they are destroying our children’s future. When they have consignments of drugs like this one they go and hire our children who are still at school to sell to other students. But it is a fact that drugs damage the brain. This is the reason why failure is so high in our schools. 

“Our laws on drug dealers must change, these people deserve stiffer sentences,” said Shindinge. 

Helvy Shaanika
2019-02-15 09:50:46 | 1 years ago

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