• July 2nd, 2020

Cops suspend breathalyser tests due to coronavirus

The Namibian police has with immediate effect suspended the use of breathalysers at roadblocks due to fears of the coronavirus spreading for 30 days or until such a time the government pronounced otherwise.

Inspector-General of the Namibian police Sebastian Ndeitunga directed all heads of directorates, regional commanders, head of divisions and the entire force to ensure that they suspend all alcohol breathalysers testing as precautionary measures in combating the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the police have advised traffic officers to make use of blood testing kit for drunken and driving offences.

This comes at a time when government announced a host of new measures to curb the further spread of coronavirus, as President Hage Geingob declared a national emergency on the global pandemic.
Namibia has two confirmed cases of a Romanian couple that has tested positive. Namibian Ambassador to France Albertus !Aochamub became the first known Namibian to test positive for the virus.

Ndeitunga also directed that all parades and gatherings should be suspended. Another measure is the suspension of all non-essential travel by police officers, while visits to the trial -awaiting inmates by family have also been suspended.

Equally, contact between trial-awaiting inmates and new offenders was discontinued.
He said the police suspended all fingerprint taking for certificates of conduct. However, he recommended the police to prioritise taking fingerprints for suspects.
The police are urged to ensure the provision of hand sanitisers, masks and gloves to its offices, checkpoints and border points.

He stated the police should establish sanitary points at the entrance of every facility.
Police force members are encouraged to limit physical conduct and maintain reasonable distance in the working environment and society. “All Nampol training facilities are on lockdown, however, suppliers should be permitted to enter with serious inspection and disinfecting. All police officers returning from affected countries should be screened and exercise self-quarantine,” he advised.

Ndeitunga said all police officers are advised to seek medical care and observe self-quarantine when experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.

Members are advised to handle with extra care all administrative stationaries and equipment and ensure proper coordination of visitors to all police offices.

Namibian police spokespersons deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi has cautioned the public to be wary of their environment following reports that there are criminals who are going around people’s houses pretending to be health officials asking to spray such households against coronavirus.

Albertina Nakale
2020-03-20 08:28:21 | 3 months ago

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