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Cota ready to unlock artistic potential 

2024-02-21  Staff Reporter

Cota ready to unlock artistic potential 

The College of the Arts (Cota) is extending an open invitation to aspiring artists to apply for its diploma and general tuition programmes for the upcoming academic year. 

Established in 1971 as the Windhoek Conservatoire of Music, Cota has evolved into a dynamic institution under the Directorate of Arts, driven by a mission to identify, develop and promote Namibia’s creative industry sector. 

“In today’s society, the role of arts education is paramount. Arts education is not only about brushstrokes and melodies; it’s about fostering cognitive development, emotional intelligence and communication skills. At Cota, students are encouraged to express thoughts and emotions constructively, becoming perceptive and creative thinkers who excel not only in the arts, but also in other areas of life,” said Cota rector Angelika Schroeder. 

Cota’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering creativity is evident in its approach to education. Students are provided with a safe space to experiment and explore their artistic abilities. Through the continuous review of student work and collaboration with industry examiners, Cota ensures that its programmes meet industry standards and produce quality work.

“Recent initiatives and projects underscore Cota’s impact on the community and the broader arts landscape. From receiving computer donations from NDTC to participating in World Skills Competitions and hosting workshops and exhibitions, Cota remains at the forefront of arts education and innovation,” said Schroeder proudly.

Looking ahead, she said Cota recognises the evolving nature of arts education in response to technological advancements and societal changes. 

She is thus confident that the integration of technology, interdisciplinary approaches and collaborations across various fields will shape the future of arts education, preparing students to thrive in a rapidly-changing world. 

“To aspiring artists and students considering a career in the arts, Cota offers valuable advice: embrace your creativity with passion and perseverance. Seek mentorship, feedback and opportunities for growth. Trust in your unique voice and vision, and never underestimate the transformative power of art to inspire and connect communities,” Schroeder urged. 

As students transition from academia
to professional practice, Cota provides comprehensive career development programmes, industry partnerships, and practical training opportunities. The college fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, encouraging students to pursue innovative ventures that contribute to their professional growth and success. 

“Ultimately, Cota hopes students emerge from their experience equipped with a deep sense of artistic purpose, excellence, and social responsibility. With a legacy spanning over four decades, Cota remains committed to unlocking the artistic potential of its students, and contributing to the economic and social development of Namibia’s creative industry sector.” 

Visit the KCAC to view the exhibition (fashion, visual arts, new media design) created by the diploma students, which is currently on display.

Applications for Diploma and General Tuition programmes are available at the College of the Arts’ town campus and the Katutura Community Arts Centre (KCAC). For more information, prospective applicants can reach them at +264 61 374 100 (Town Campus) or +264 61 277300 (KCAC), or via email at 

Late applications will be accepted, with applicable late fees. The application fee is N$100 for diploma programmes (N$150 for late applications) and N$50 for general tuition programmes (N$100 for late applications). 

2024-02-21  Staff Reporter

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