• July 11th, 2020

Councillor alarmed by spate of drownings 

ONANKE – The councillor of Uukwiyu-Uushona constituency in Oshana region, Andreas Amundjindi, has urged young people to refrain from swimming in the floodplains to avoid drowning incidents. 

In a recent interview with New Era at Onanke village, Amundjindi noted that at least five children, aged from four years to 11, have drowned in different villages in the constituency this year.
“The first incident was of the four-year-old child who came from kindergarten and went to fetch water to drink. She drowned suddenly,” narrated Amundjindi.

He said children should be under the supervision of parents or guardians when crossing flooded areas.  
Two children, aged 11 and 12, also drowned while swimming. 
“I am urging the school teachers to announce during the morning devotion the dangers of water, so that children refrain from playing with [in] water,” he said. 

The regional councillor further explained that all the children who drowned were not in the care of elders, and this was worrisome.

“The parents that are supposed to monitor the children are also playing with [in] water by swimming. And when children watch them, they start imitating them, not knowing the danger of the matter,” he said.


Loide Jason
2020-03-02 07:11:05 | 4 months ago

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