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Councillor Appeals for Development

2005-12-06  Staff Report 2

Councillor Appeals for Development
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"By Engel Nawatiseb TSUMEB The Councillor for the Khorixas Constituency, Sebastian Gobs has called on Central Government to bring development to the town. He lamented through a press release issued last week that the constituency (Khorixas) has remained under-developed since Independence due to what he described as a politically motivated move to punish the leadership of the opposition UDF party that is in charge of the town's affairs. Gobs claimed that the fact that the UDF had gained majority votes during the previous elections had allegedly discouraged the Swapo-led Government from investing in development programmes at the town. ""This can be ascribed to pure politics because for the past years, the constituency and the town are governed by the opposition and it is evident that no development is taking place. The ruling party loudly said the Swapo Government will not develop any area which they are not ruling,"" he noted. He accused government of not introducing capital projects to create employment for residents and inhabitants of the constituency. ""At the regional level, the various councillors are trying their utmost best to bring about development but the biggest constrain is funds. We can have good ideas but without money you will do nothing, unless the government and donor agents can support you financially,"" he added. Gobs stressed that fish farms at selected places within the constituency, a vocational training centre at Khorixas, livestock marketing centre, garden projects at Anigab, Fransfontein and Khorixas were planned for next year but added that these projects, including a tourism information centre, could only materialize if both Government and donor agencies provide the necessary funding to run such projects. ""As from next year, there will be a lot of community meetings that we have discussions on issues of concern, regular feedback will be given to the community."" Meanwhile, the Swapo Regional Coordinator in the Kunene region, Samtaga Katjizemo told New Era that the Government was committed to uphold the principles of democracy and collective governance. He stressed that the failure of UDF councillors to develop Khorixas and the constituency should not be blamed on the ruling party or Government because leaders were elected to spearhead development in various areas of their jurisdiction. He added that government was not a political movement but a national institution to look into the interests of all citizens irrespective of their political affiliation. ""That misleading allegation to blame the Swapo party government for failing to develop areas where the opposition is in majority does not hold any water. It is aimed at inciting confusion amongst residents. Therefore, if the opposition finds it tough to develop Khorixas, they should resign and hand over power. Our councillors (Swapo) are organised alongside the principles of the Swapo Party election manifesto, a credible document that is discussing tangible development. I think the problem of under-development as they are suggesting is caused by the reluctance of their (opposition) councillors to implement our party manifesto,"" said Katjizemo. The regional coordinator appealed to residents to condemn the allegations by the opposition UDF councillor, stating that the UDF lacked the capacity and creativity to introduce new ideas that could translate into accelerated development for the town. ""They are operating like misguided missiles and continue to ignore advice from our (Swapo) councillors. It is painful to witness that democracy that is supported by 'blind' followers during elections could lead to the installation of a poor leadership like the UDF party councillors,"" he stated. Katjizemo said projects such as fish farms and vocational centres were priorities of the ruling party government and should not be itemised for political gain by the UDF councillor. ""UDF has the right to remain silent because they are a chaotic institution that cannot deliver to the needs and aspirations of our people. I am really shocked to hear that Gobs is shifting the blame to Swapo over lack of development because he and his colleagues have failed the community,"" stated Katjizemo."
2005-12-06  Staff Report 2

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