• April 2nd, 2020

Court challenge could cost Itula N$600 000

WINDHOEK- Independent presidential candidate Dr Panduleni Itula would need N$600 000 to take
the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) to the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the recent
presidential election which saw President Hage Geingob emerge victorious with the lion’s share
of votes. 

This was revealed by Elize Ndjavera Angula, who is legally acting on behalf of Itula in the legal challenge against the ECN. Last week, the ECN officially announced the results of the 2019 presidential election and declared Geingob the winner and duly elected President in accordance with Article 28 (2) (b) of the Namibian Constitution.

In a letter addressed this week to Itula from Angula, she informed him that his request for a quotation to challenge the outcome of the presidential election in court will cost approximately N$600 000.
“Kindly be advised that we estimate that the costs to bring an application to the Supreme Court could amount to N$600 000. We hereby attach the Financial Intelligence Act form and our terms of commitment,” the letter reads, accompanied by AngulaCo Incorporated Trust banking details.

Since this week, there have been circulating messages on social media requesting all supporters of Itula to make generous donations in order to assist cover the expenses that will be incurred during the potential
Supreme Court case. 

“If all those 233 000 who voted for our Dr Panduleni Itula contribute even a N$10 each, then we give sufficient to save our country. Namibia is all we have. Let us save it,” reads part of the message requesting pledges. Itula intends to challenge the outcome of the presidential election and , therefore, has
requested access to all electoral materials in respect of the 2019 presidential election for purposes of bringing a challenge to the Supreme Court of Namibia in terms of Section 172 of the Electoral Act 5 of 2014.

Itula’s legal representative, Angula also issued a letter to ECN requesting particular information, documents, materials, and records, amongst others. These include all form 6, duly authenticated,
emanating from all polling stations, stationary and mobile. Itula also requested duly completed pre-voting forms with the details of the voter registration cards and signed by each registered voter.

Additionally, he requested a duly authenticated printout of voting results at each polling station.
Other demands are access to all electronic voting machines’ motherboard and voters’ processing units (memory), memory cards of all electronic voting machines duly authenticated by the serial number of each
machine. Itula also wants access to all collating machines, servers (database), including all 
reports filed pertaining to the preparation of electronic voting machines and collating machines and the service for purposes of conducting the presidential election.

Further, Itula wants the names of all presiding and returning officers at all polling stations and all occurrence books returned from all polling stations. Other demands include electronic voting machines and collating machines specifications, including all records of upgrading, service, and maintenance of both
software and hardware.

Equally, he wants access to all experts or personnel that conducted pre-inspections or had access to the electronic voting machines prior to the holding of the presidential election. These are required for purposes of conducting interviews.

Inspection reports or any other evidence constituting inspections of electronic voting machines on polling day before voting commenced is another demand. The presidential candidate also demands
inspection reports by the polling agent or returning officers of any nature whatsoever in connection with the 2019 presidential election.

His lawyer said the requested information should reach their offices no later than 5 December), before noon, failing which they shall approach the Supreme Court to request to review the requested information.

Albertina Nakale
2019-12-09 11:44:47 | 3 months ago


  1. User
    Dirck Kuzatjike

    We the supporters of Dr. Itula initiated the fundraising drive, and I have committed N$50 sure others with more means and ways will contribute more. This is to save our motherland from a wave of ruthless corrupters who plunder out country's resources with impunity and no shame for the very liberation struggle they so boast about as if they even carried a gun. As you saw during the campaigns we bought our own campaign materials and not use under the table envelopes, we the people are rising and we unite around the Namibian flag across all political parties, race, tribe, social status.

  2. User
    Adesua Khuruses

    Where does one contribute to this cost? I glady want to contribute because I believe we shall be victorious.

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