• September 18th, 2020

Creating an ecosystem for artists to thrive – RTE Records

Remember The Eagle (RTE) Records, a new label, says its main objective after penetrating the market is to create and maintain an ecosystem in which Namibian artists can thrive and live out their dreams, not only for the artists that are signed under the label but for the music industry as a whole.

The founder of the label Ennio Hamutenya said many record labels have opened and closed in Namibia. “Some tried, and some did better than others, but we can guarantee that none of them was or will be what RTE Records is going to be for the Namibian music industry: A force to be reckoned with.”
He added that they are here to challenge the status quo by doing what no other record label has done in Namibia through actions and not words alone.

As a record label, they are committed to produce quality work and make the same quality available to the rest of the industry.
“This is why we have also decided to build a studio where an artist can come and create quality work at affordable prices. Our studio is not only available to the artist but corporates too.”

“RTE Records has put together what we believe is a formidable team that will open up the industry to allow artists to reach heights they’ve never reached before. We are going to achieve this by showcasing the best talent Namibia has to the rest of the world, and in turn, it will shine a light on the rest of the Namibian industry,” mentioned Hamutenya.
With more artists expected to join the label, so far they have about six artists signed up and that includes Shana Zandile, Charmy Kurz, Tumi Mohamed, Stanzo, Chester The House Prince and DJ Spuzza.

He said these artists will not be the final artists to join the label. “We are always looking for new talent in and around Namibia, but we believe that these are the best artists to help us build the bridges we need to get our industry to the next level.”
–  psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-08-17 16:08:23 | 1 months ago

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