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Culture promotes peace and harmony - Sampofu

2018-08-14  Staff Reporter

Culture promotes peace and harmony - Sampofu

CHOI - Zambezi regional governor, Lawrence Sampofu over the weekend said Tulikonge and other cultural activities promote harmonious co-existence among Namibia’s diverse communities.

Speaking at the 14th edition of the famed Tulikonge Annual Cultural festival hosted on Sunday by Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni of the Mashi Traditional Authority at Choi, Sampofu said, “This Festival is a unique opportunity for our youth and also our communities to show their culture and to show they are proud of their country.”

“We also celebrate the harmonious living together, showing our diverse cultures without being limited by borders or stereotypes,” he said at the event that showcased various cultural dances and included a feast on hippo and other game meat stewed for various dignitaries. 

“Culture is about us, our dignity today, and future generations to come. Culture has a meaning and relevance for all people, regardless    of their national, cultural or social backgrounds. Thus, it is vital to find ways to engage with each other and to learn from each other,” stated the Zambezi regional governor. 

“Hence, it is a pleasure for us to see and enjoy all these cultural groups through their songs and dances. Through the efforts of the participants like you, we can achieve a much richer and brighter future for our country, since working together is highly beneficial for mutual understanding and respect, values that become more and more important in our increasingly multicultural society,” Sampofu said.

The governor also used the platform and implored chiefs and their subjects in the Zambezi to refrain from tribalism and to fight against tribal utterances.

“Tribalism, corruption and regionalism will take us nowhere in this country. Let us work together to preserve peace and stability that we are still enjoying today. We are not against any person or individual but we are against secessionism, tribalism and regionalism. In the same vein, I am calling upon parents, teachers and all communities at large to instil discipline, the sense of nationalism and patriotism to our children when they are still young or youth, so that when they grow up they will not know of tribalism and other vile behaviours,” he told the hundreds at the event. 

Speaking at the same event, Swapo MP Heather Sibungo urged Zambezi residents to endeavour to keep their cultures alive and that it is through “consistently watering our cultural trees through festivals such as the Mashi festival and others throughout Namibia, which will deepen the indigenous cultural roots, promote understanding, facilitate unity and ensure peace and stability”.

She expressed concern that “today, we are finding that our African cultural fabric of societal organisation which had at the core, the overall collective good of the community, are being replaced with the overriding interest of the individual.”

“This has led to the eroding communal values such as civility, hard-work, honesty, responsibility, accountability and general Ubuntu goodwill which are all progressive elements fostered by our indigenous cultures to keep society organised and set on the path of self-development,” said Sibungo.

“This has led to the many negative social norms that we encounter daily and which are destroying our communities e.g. gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies, loss of respect of elder etc,” she said.

Mfumu Mayuni each year hosts Tulikonge at his palace in Choi, where he invites other traditional and political leaders to enjoy traditional cuisine and the festivities.

On Sunday, the Mfumu hosted Chief Kisco Liswani III of the Masubia tribe and Chief Boniface Shufu of the Mayeyi tribe who similarly invited him to their cultural events that took place at Bukalo and at Sangwali respectively.

*Nicholas Chaka is a Senior Information Officer in the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) based in Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region.




2018-08-14  Staff Reporter

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