• July 11th, 2020

D-Naff elevates Namibian gospel

WINDHOEK – Although house, hip-hop and kwaito music predominate the Namibian music industry, gospel sensation D-Naff (real name Naftalie Shigwedha Amukwelele) has kept the genre on another level in terms of deliverance and keeping it in the mainstream.

This time around, he will be releasing his new music video entitled ‘No Longer Slaves’ at Ster Kinekor Cinema 5, Grove Mall. He hopes this would draw attention to the gospel and art industry, which many have looked down on for so many years. 
“I always believe that the top is where I belong. The cinema also was necessary for the quality that we are bringing this time and we want it to be seen on a bigger scale, the audience need to have tissues because crying will be inevitable,” he explained. 

The 2018 Namibia Annual Music Awards best reggae winner features Lady May Africa and Jericho, among others, who recently became born-again Christians and have started singing a different tune themselves.
Unlike Lady May Africa, who signed under D-Naff Entertainment, Jericho joined Namgospel United, D-Naff informed Entertainment Now! 

“Namgospel United is a Christian body that unites all gospel musicians and singers across the globe, who wish to collaborate with other gospel musicians and singers in unity and faith. It is a non-denominational body, which means singers of the gospel genre are taken from all churches regardless of differences,” he said.
Among other things, the confident artiste is working on Lady May Africa’s debut gospel album, which he boasts is going to be one of the best albums this year. He is also promoting his two albums for this year which were released in November 2018. 


Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-04-26 10:19:51 | 1 years ago

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