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D-Naff Entertainment premiers dazzling music videos

2020-11-06  Paheja Siririka

D-Naff Entertainment premiers dazzling music videos

Paheja Siririka

D-Naff Entertainment has released two exquisite music videos of Lady Dyna’s ‘Ama Ni Dabwisa’ and Shambo artist Christmas with ‘Ondelekelama’, both shot at different places namely London in the UK and Kapps Farm Diebrug respectively.

Dainess Ziba Amukwelele, popularly known as Lady Dyna said she chose London before the musical connect she had with the place. “When I was young, I used to sing the song London Bridge is Falling Down. Coming from a catholic background, I always wanted to see one of the biggest cathedrals which is St Paul’s,” explained Lady Dyna.

London Bridge Is Falling Down is a traditional English nursery rhyme and singing game, which is found in different versions all over the world. It deals with the destructions of London Bridge and attempts to repair it.

She told Entertainment Now! these landmarks hold significant memories for her and her time in the UK and will be memories her children and theirs will remember of her. 

The song ‘Ama Ni Dabwisa’ was sung in Nyanja (chinyanja), also known as Chewa (chichewa), a Zambian Language. “The song means that God surprises us with the wonders he does in our lives when we least expect them. God always makes a way, people treat us unfairly and accuse us wrongly but when we cry unto Him, he saves us,” elaborated Lady Dyna.

It was produced and recorded in Kenya by Lucas Bikedo of Ogopa Inc and written by Justine Lomame. The Ama Ni Dabwisa video was shot by Jasper Enujaba and edited by Federico Cardin. “Colour grade by Lucas Bukedo (Ogopa Inc) and the London based dancers found through social media. Due to Covid-19, we couldn’t have the whole crew at the same time but we managed to pull it off,” she stated.

Another huge challenge in shooting the video was London is full and has a restriction on films and music video shootings. “People were all over the place and you couldn’t control the crowd so we had to stop for people to pass, you can’t just have random people in your music video,” recalled Lady Dyna.

Isak Nelumbu, stage name Christmas’ song called Ondelekelama, was produced by Arrafath Muhuure of Tripple 777 Studios and was written by Christmas himself. Ondelekelama was shot, edited and directed by the D-Naff Entertainment Marketing Manager Julian Mugabe around the Kapps Farm Diebrug area about 16km east of the capital.  “We needed an old location to try and portray the old days, during the location scouting, we fell in love with the location as it gave us more to work with and the whole community on site were helpful, allowing us to film from their homes as well. It was a concept derived from research asking elders how it was back in the day, then from there we created our own story unique to fit the song,” Mugabe detailed.

Ondelekelama was sung in Oshiwambo and speaks of the old way of life and how love was back then. “The modern world is plagued with lots of sad love stories, which are more materialistic. But if we could be reminded of our own true love stories by telling the old stories, we could inspire people because that love still exists,” depicted Christmas.


2020-11-06  Paheja Siririka

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