• February 28th, 2020

D-Naff warns public against a fraudster

WINDHOEK-D-Naff, real name Naftalie Shigwedha Amukwelele, on Monday blasted a fraudster on social media for swindling money from the public purporting they would join his (D-Naff) music stable and also help the so-called boxer with his expenses for a fight in the UK.

D-Naff told Entertainment Now! that he does not know the shady character personally who goes by the name Gabriel “The Weapo” Johannes, as he approached him at a local eatery for a picture recently.
“I met him at Jokers and he introduced himself as a boxer and asked for a photo. As a popular figure, you can’t always refuse when asked upon to take a picture with me” he explained.

After that, the boxer started circulating the picture informing everybody that they were close friends. It is alleged that he siphoned quite a considerable amount of money from the unsuspecting public on behalf of D-Naff’s company with a promise to recruit the victims into his stable. The latest victim was a lady who was duped of N$10 000.

“The latest victim came here at my workplace asking about travelling to London. She informed me that she sponsored the boxer to help them getting the team overseas for the envisaged fight to which I informed her that she had been crooked out of her money,” he said.

D-Naff informed this reporter that he confronted the boxer the first time he found out he was recruiting people and receiving money on behalf of his company for which he requested N$1 200 per applicant with some providing evidence in this regard. The boxer had promised the gospel star that he would stop his mischief and refund the victims until the latest incident came to his attention.

According to D-Naff, the boxer does not belong to any boxing stable in the country and wears a belt which he believes is fake. The multi-award-winning artist has already approached authorities to alert them on this matter.

“A case had been already opened by other people when I went to the police station today (Monday). The police told me that they have already issued a warrant of arrest for him. So whenever we see him, we just have to alert them so he can get arrested,” he added.

D-Naff posted a public warning on his Facebook page which read: “The idiot pictured in the photo below has been soliciting funds from the public using different people’s names and hiding behind the boxing events to be held in the UK. I became the latest victim this morning when he used my name to get N$10 000 from a young lady. He previously used my name to recruit people into D-Naff Entertainment charging them N$1 200. Please be informed that I have no dealings with this idiot and whenever someone contacts you using my name, please do contact me first before giving [them] your money,” it read.
Both Johannes’ numbers rang unanswered before going to print.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-11-29 10:19:57 | 2 months ago

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