• June 3rd, 2020

Dance Mouse presents hip-hop dance workshop for children

Aletta Shikololo

Children who are passionate about dancing attended a hip-hop dance workshop over the weekend in Windhoek, hosted by Dance Mouse.

Dance Mouse is a programme that aims to encourage children to enjoy dance expression and increase their passion and love for dance.

Freelance instructor, choreographer and dancer Daniel Kuhlmann who gave the classes said he loves teaching and inspiring kids.

Dancing awakens new perceptions in children and helps them learn and think in new ways. It also helps them to express and communicate their ideas and make creative decisions at a young age.

The workshop focused on teaching new things to the kids during the holiday in a fun and intensive way. The little ones (3-5) got to learn new movement, coordination and much more. 
“Dance is good for so many things. To mention a few, fitness, mobility, meditation, memory and allows you to have loads of fun,” Kuhlmann explained.

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2019-09-04 07:40:25 | 8 months ago

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