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Di Yon spits bars on new single

2023-04-14  Strauss Lunyangwe

Di Yon spits bars on new single

After two members of the likeable PDK group announced their solo careers recently, the last remaining member of the trio – Di Yon Auala – has now also entered the unfamiliar journey.

Aptly titled ‘Time on my Own’, Auala’s new single, featuring Elisabeth, was released recently, and it reflects on some past experiences. 

“I just wanted to let it all out and move on, tell the people how it all started, where I have been, what really happened, and where I am now,” he told VIBEZ!

“I spoke of how Etjo and Page of Ethnix just got recognised now when they have been killing it back then, and that resembles my journey before PDK. I mentioned that I was inspired by The Dogg (King Tee Dee) and I was motivated by Tate Buti. I also spoke of how I took my demo to Charlie100 of RC Ghetto in 2004 – the label that signed The Dogg and Gazza back then.”

Auala also made reference to when Gazza was called in to give his opinion on his demo but refused to comment. 

“I really wanted to be off the ground; his response could have been my key, but Karlos Lokos came through and took me up.”

Auala, who is a qualified creative director, graduated in sound engineering from the College of the Arts and went on to pursue directing at Unam for three years. 

“I direct films, corporate and social projects, adverts and events. When it comes to my solo career, I am branding independently, far apart from the group that launched me into the limelight – and that’s what you should expect when it comes to my music,” he said.

Asked about the timing of his project, Auala said he had to drop it at a time that did not clash with his bandmates’ releases. 

“I wanted to release at the same time too, but then I realised that it’s gonna look like we are competing – and I don’t want that; each of us deserves our own time to shine. That’s why I feel like this is the right time for me to drop.”

Patrick Mwashindange released his album, ‘Patrick Sikiliza’ last year, followed by Kristian ‘Kamtonyo’ Andreas, who announced his project, ‘Etako’, soon after.

“Well, if not all of us, then at least two or one of us should make it. One must just understand the importance of reinvention and the rules of going solo, and all shall fall into place.”

A full album is expected to be released in late May, Auala noted.

He urged music lovers to rally behind locals, saying: “Let’s be patriotic and support our Namibian products”.


2023-04-14  Strauss Lunyangwe

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