• August 6th, 2020

Diamonds have more potential than only revenue generation - Alweendo

Maihapa Ndjavera

WINDHOEK – At the conclusion of the sixth ordinary meeting of the African Diamond Producers Association (ADPA) Council of Ministers that was held in Windhoek this week, Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo remained adamant that rough diamonds have the potential to contribute to improving the lives of citizens and not only generate revenue for the state. For centuries diamonds have been regarded all over the world as symbols of everlasting love, beauty and accomplishment.

“Rough diamonds are a special, unique strategic mineral that not only generate revenue for diamond-producing countries but more importantly have the potential to contribute significantly towards efforts to improve the lives of our citizens through job creation, skills development, value addition, technology transfer and intellectual property transfer,” Alweendo told ADPA member countries at the closing of the meeting. 

He further used the juncture to point out that in coming together as member countries of the ADPA, members have acknowledged the value of using the platform to promote common interests such as to fully understand and appreciate their place in the global diamond industry as African diamond producers. He also advised members to use the ADPA platform to drive the common interest of association members for the ultimate benefit of all citizens. Alweendo further advised the industry to assess potential threats to the industry such as lab grown diamonds, dwindling margins across the diamond value chain and many more. 

He continued that coming together promotes the interest of sharing the good that diamonds do in each of the countries and to deliberate on how states can leverage this in supporting efforts to promote and keep natural diamonds in the front of the minds of global consumers.  Alweendo also advised member countries to cooperate in continuing to unlock the benefits from the industry, as well as to strive to do so in a manner that promotes the sustainability of the industry and share best practice across the ADPA member countries, with particular focus on legislation and policies to unlock further value addition/beneficiation opportunities across the African diamond industry. 

“I take this opportunity thank you all for your inputs and contributions that were made in a mutual effort to maximise the potential of diamond producers under the ADPA. We appreciate the sharing of best practices from individual countries and it has indeed been a day of intense reflection and dialogue.  Your presence has indeed contributed to the success of the meeting,” Alweendo said.

The official handover of the chairmanship of ADPA from the successfully ended reign of the Republic of Guinea to Namibia also took place. 

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