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Die Laaste Hond unleashes single

2021-06-18  Staff Reporter

Die Laaste Hond unleashes single
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Known as the president of dance in the streets of Katutura, Die Laaste Hond has recently released his new video titled ‘My laitie’, featuring Kimzala and Musketeers.

 Die Laaste Hond, real name Vincent Angula, told VIBEZ! he started making music because he wanted to dance to his own music.

“I always had this vision when I started dancing that I would perfect my art of performing, but on my own songs,” he said.

The idea behind the single was inspired by a track called ‘Bakuten’ by Damara Dik Ding.

“When I was younger, I used to groove to it, got inspired and told myself that one day I am going to do the same. My intention is to give back to the greats and the whole nation, but mostly focusing on inspiring the youth. It was a dream I manifested and so it has come to life. I’m so proud of myself, because I always do what I say.” 

Angula (24) previously featured on two other singles in which he teamed up with Kimzala. The two are said to be working on a project together, as their chemistry is undeniably good. 

“We are childhood friends who share the same passion, and decided to team up for old times’ sake to bless the nation with our gifts. This was just the first single off the EP Kimzala we are working on. The best is yet to come.”

As an upcoming artist, Angula decided on building his fan base and creating hype before releasing a full-length album.

The dancer-cum-singer hopes the video will hit the 100 000-view mark; it was sitting above 16 000 views at the time of this interview. 

“I’m here to inspire all and show that everyone can do it. If you can dream it, you can do it. Always have faith and believe in yourself.”


2021-06-18  Staff Reporter

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