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Dik Bones opens Ai-!gû Printing

2021-11-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

Dik Bones opens Ai-!gû Printing
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Kwaito artist Dik Bones is following in the footsteps of his colleagues in the entertainment industry by branching out to different business ventures in order to keep head above water.

Real name Benediktus Witbooi, Dik Bones started a little printing business called Ai-!gû Printing, which means ‘Moving forward’. 

He told VIBEZ! it has always been his dream to start a business of this nature, in addition to his music career. 

“The dream was always to have my own brand of clothing as I’ve always been selling t-shirts to have that extra dollar come in. About 10 years back when I opened my Facebook account, I wrote owner/founder of Suide Maak Vrede Clothing. That was just a dream back then and look now, I actually own a little business called ‘Ai-!gû Printing’,” he explained.

The adverse effects of the pandemic have been felt by so many, not just in the creative spaces but in all spheres of life. This prompted Dik Bones to start working on his dream. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s good that Covid-19 came because a lot of lives have been taken, but I feel it also came as an eye-opener. Not only to artists but to individuals everywhere, to not only focus on one means of income, but to spread their wings and venture into different businesses.”

For now, he still operates his business from home in Golgotha 14 on the corner of Mooi Street. 

“Like any individual going to work, I switch my computer on at 8h00 to start the day with orders I have. If there are no orders, I’m busy playing around with designs as I’m also still a student in the design industry.”

“I have plans to take my business to greater heights and I can see growth because when I started off, I only did mug printing and now I also do t-shirt printing, banners, car branding, to mention a few.”

The ‘Nama/Goas’ hitmaker said he is busy working on his soon-to-be-released album titled ‘Mr Witbooi’. Fans can also expect new visuals from his new single ‘Love so good’, featuring Ponti and S-Man.

Quizzed about his plans for the upcoming holidays, he said: “Dik Bones won’t really be on holiday as I will be up and down printing, selling t-shirts and performing. I’ll probably take a break around the 25th to spend time with family but other than that, I’ll be on my zula”.

“Let me sign out with something for my brothers out there: Let’s take care of our families, love and protect our women. Don’t drink and drive. To the nation out there: Let’s pray for our country, because that’s what we need the most… prayer,” he ended.


2021-11-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

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